Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reaction on Kenya visit Vlogs on Vimeo

Comment from Vimeo friend  Emily Eunjue Hayes

Dear heart Jan Van Der Meer,
Most of all, I am very happy with your presence in Kenya. Warm place with peaceful surrounding. I could feel you are well, welcomed in the place with openness. It is also wonderful for me to see you are enjoying while you are caring and sharing loving work of world's. W.W.F and share the joy through giving and connecting volunteers and much more. Stir the loving movements to deliver to our life. Share within our nature closely to human nature. It is your time to have some joyful time and it is shared with the peace through calm filming as you are happy with the moment :D It matters to all of us. While we do what we have do in this world, why miss out the joy and stress about life?

It is much joyful to watch the heart is happy much as the nature. Through your sharing (Vlogs / video blog clips on , I was at every place you've took the vision to be with the joy. Generosity have been share through open and invite the friends around the world like myself to be joyous with all is the joy : ) You needed it my dear Jan. It is good to see you have some of your time under the warm sun : ) hot sun but warm sun when we are bit old with our wrapper. : ))) I love watching and be there as I was.

Stay well Jan. Thank you very much for your warm loving share.
Return with the joy, your family
Emily : )