Tuesday, August 16, 2011


by Experienced Voluntourist: Jan van der Meer
Founder Global-DVC, Blog Voluntourismtips and www.SkypeOrphanSchoolkids.org

“Am I the right person for Voluntourism?”
Why are you reading this now? Is it your lifetime wish to help them over there? As a tourist, we have a tendency to review our options in reference to ourselves.
"Is this excursion, resort, hotel, destination or trip advice right for me?".  When discussing Voluntourism, however, we transpose object and subject to inquire:
"Am I right for Voluntourism?"
Can I help schoolkids orphans and schoolteachers and how? Most needed:  Education in Lifeskills, General Computer knowledge,  Social Media,  Marketing,  Medical, Sports, Cooking etc. 

Also small to big companies in 3rd world countries love to get some help and follow your advice and tips. Voluntourism can be life-changing! During my 25 years educational support to cameramen I became a photographer and webclip videoproducer in South-Africa and the “Horn of Africa”.  Meanwhile as volunteer I was producing videoproductions for and from other volunteer-workers showing their progression for old and new sponsors. Also supporting organizations and companies with free promoclips for their products.  And for pleasure also barterbased webclip promotion for hotels. NON-PROFIT? Well I never had so much profit in my life (..wellness in my mind)! See for yourself if voluntourism is something for you!  Please read these thoughts underneath and SKYPE me at: GLOBAL-DVC to get more detailed info. Perhaps we can go together next time? Ask yourself these questions:

1.    Do I want something completely different in my life to explore?

2.    Do I like to help others who need it so badly? Offering them my knowledge and see their way of living, their world & nature?

3.    Does my help solve their problems?

4.    Isn’t it better to just donate the money of my trip and stay at home this year?

5.    What is my answer if others say its selfish or even useless helping others in a 3rd world country, while in my home country also people are homeless.

6.    Can my conscious cope with the idea that I help others who have no income. Often have to live from just one meal a day, while as a rich tourist I pay and enjoy an expensive safari. Fly around in a balloon. Stay in an expensive Hotel?     

7.    What can I do to help people over there to market their handwork craft products?  

8.    What are my personal boundaries and comfort level?  Especially in reference to insects (mosquito’s snakes rats),  style of accommodations, transfer times and mode of transport, environment, religious feelings, climate. How long can I stay there? Weeks or months?

9.    How flexible am I ? Can I cope with unexpected things to happen during my visit? Voluntourism trips tend to generate "the unexpected," and they often lead to challenges that can defy logic or your own desire to accomplish something. Be aware that well-crafted and scripted itineraries can easily change unexpectedly. Understand that if you take greater risks with accommodations, transfers, extreme climate, intense interaction and engagement or service work, you have increased the potential for "the unexpected" to occur.

10. Willing to get all available health care protections and pills? Costs?

Like to find the answers but need some help?
Skype me at GLOBAL-DVC
Jan van der Meer

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reaction on Kenya visit Vlogs on Vimeo

Comment from Vimeo friend  Emily Eunjue Hayes

Dear heart Jan Van Der Meer,
Most of all, I am very happy with your presence in Kenya. Warm place with peaceful surrounding. I could feel you are well, welcomed in the place with openness. It is also wonderful for me to see you are enjoying while you are caring and sharing loving work of world's. W.W.F and share the joy through giving and connecting volunteers and much more. Stir the loving movements to deliver to our life. Share within our nature closely to human nature. It is your time to have some joyful time and it is shared with the peace through calm filming as you are happy with the moment :D It matters to all of us. While we do what we have do in this world, why miss out the joy and stress about life?

It is much joyful to watch the heart is happy much as the nature. Through your sharing (Vlogs / video blog clips on www.Voluntourismtips.blogspot.com) , I was at every place you've took the vision to be with the joy. Generosity have been share through open and invite the friends around the world like myself to be joyous with all is the joy : ) You needed it my dear Jan. It is good to see you have some of your time under the warm sun : ) hot sun but warm sun when we are bit old with our wrapper. : ))) I love watching and be there as I was.

Stay well Jan. Thank you very much for your warm loving share.
Return with the joy, your family
Emily : )

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vlog Part 10: Help SisterJane fullfill her dream

Just near the technical school of Father Joseph lives his friend and Sister Jane. She belongs to the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Next to her Missionary they own land with an unfished big house. The sponsor died and now for 5 years she cannot find a new sponsor to fullfill her dreams. She loves to help University Students from Sudan where the war is finished and sponsors can stay there for free!  Sister Jane showed me and I asked the help from Agnes who never went there and has loads of contacts like De Wereld Werkplaats and Rotary clubs from Breda and other very rich families. So who knows we can help this Sister also to fullfill her dreams and show the world and possible sponsors her needs with this clip.

Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 
is a Roman Catholic female religious congregation, founded in 1880 by Mother Francis Xavier Cabrini. The aim of the institute is to spread devotion to the Heart of Jesus by means of the practice of spiritual and corporal works of mercy. The sisters conduct homes for the aged and the sick, orphanages, industrial schools, sewing classes; they visit hospitals and prisons, and give religious instruction in their convents, which are open to women desirous of making retreats. Its general mother house is at Rome.

Sister Jane has a dream: For 5 years now she tried to find a big sponsor or many small to prefab and finish that big building to host students from Sudan and others.

Rogier and me cutting the specially baked cake on our first visit at the Sisters of the Secret Heart of Jesus near Father Joseph technical School at Langata Road Nairobi Kenia.

Vlog Part 09: Tips for Orphan Schoolkids by Life Designer David Crane

During my Marketers Cruise earlier this year I met another Marketing Guru and Life Designer David Crane from Dubay. He is a Certified NFNLP Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner and life coach. David gave me tips to help my OrphanSchoolKids projects and also direct tips for Orphans. Also visit his website: http://www.thelifedesigners.com

Thursday, February 24, 2011

VLOG Part 07: Sponsors visiting Tech School, Nairobi, Kenya

21 February 2011 A large group of sponsors from Holland visited the Technical School Fr. Joseph Langata Rd. Nairobi. They have sponsored the Skit Training Centre and car repair school.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

VLOG Part 08: Opening St.Theresa Womans Training Centre

22 February 2011 Karin Nairobi: Opening Training Centre by Cardinal Kenya John Njue. A miracle happened in life of Sister Georgetta her dreams were fullfilled by gracefull sponsors to build this WomansTraining Centre for Food and Catering. 
Production Voluntourist: Jan van der Meer www.Global-DVC.org
Camera: Panasonic GH1 sound Tomrig.
Uploaded in full HD. Choose highest possible setting
for best picture quality with your internet speed access.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vlog Part 06: Agnes at work in her primative kitchen

Also see her last day at work in her own well known Restaurant: De Ouwe Meerpaal"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

VLOG Part 01 Preparing for the big trip


1. Producing Voluntourism promotional clips to gain more tourists interested in volunteerwork and contacting Hotels to support.
2. Producing webclips for Volunteerworkers in Kenya to show progress to sponsors and gain new sponsors
3. Producing Skype Orphan Schoolkids promoclips to give these kids more individual attention from parents worldwide (English) and set up school educational echange by Skype connections.
4. Education at St. Joseph's Community Vocational College and
secondary school Kabale Uganda learn them professional (PC) skills and Academic excellence.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Just came back from an absolutely great short trip with top Marketing Experts like David Frey a friend of Richard Branson. He gave me some great tips also and loved all help for my new idea: I do Skype this month a lot with Father Joseph he is headmaster from Technical School in Nairobi and gives free education to (Masai) Students. I can see him and talk to him on SKYPE and make him happy by showing him all technical stuff I will bring like my not used anymore Nokia and laptop. Even educate him how to get on with Skype by using a seperate and than movable webcam. Show the PCscreen and learn him and others the tricks to get on with Skype. So I thought why not can any teacher in the rest of the world do this at the same time if they give classes! So LIFE SKYPE EDUCTION! And why can't we SKYPE AN ORPHAN CHILD? So with these ideas I went on the big Marketers Cruise and got connected with the best minds to fulfill my ideas. Thank you God for helping or using me :-) I love it and whatever I wished all came true!
Even the best address to tell Oprah my ideas and am sure she will help also because she uses Skype a lot in her shows. Whe can all skype a child even from your mobile phone daily! All they need is just some attention a priest or nun cant give to them daily. This must work and organisation and controling this will come later or already qualified partners will shown up I'm sure. Now not sure what is the best name for it so may be you can help and give your idea?
http://www.skypeanorphanchild.org/ or http://www.skypeorphankids.org/. Or you have a better name? And please take in mind: you can Skype an Orphan and make his or her day and life so much better by just some attention (no money involved!). Even with your fingertip tap on the glass screen of your mobile in your hand you can see and talk for free with your connected Skypechild. Those two minutes a week or a day will mean all to their life and cost YOU absolutely nothing! For volunteer videoclip support to promote my idea we go with a camerateam to Kenya next week for coming 3 months. Visiting several projects and Internet/webclip education on schools. We would love to help YOUR connections over there also, if its on our way and can handle it! Follow our trip here and forward it to your friends: http://www.voluntourismtips.blogspot.org/
O yes yesterday even on the flight back from Atlanta to Schiphol from all 300 people on board of course I was sitting (unbelievable!!) next to Susan Cobb from Texas part of a 9 person group called International Leadership Institute ILI they all on their long way to Kenya also to support their project helping Orphan Kids also !!!  And she read a book this book so.... HOW WAS YOUR DAY TODAY gets from now on for me a new dimention!