Tuesday, August 16, 2011


by Experienced Voluntourist: Jan van der Meer
Founder Global-DVC, Blog Voluntourismtips and www.SkypeOrphanSchoolkids.org

“Am I the right person for Voluntourism?”
Why are you reading this now? Is it your lifetime wish to help them over there? As a tourist, we have a tendency to review our options in reference to ourselves.
"Is this excursion, resort, hotel, destination or trip advice right for me?".  When discussing Voluntourism, however, we transpose object and subject to inquire:
"Am I right for Voluntourism?"
Can I help schoolkids orphans and schoolteachers and how? Most needed:  Education in Lifeskills, General Computer knowledge,  Social Media,  Marketing,  Medical, Sports, Cooking etc. 

Also small to big companies in 3rd world countries love to get some help and follow your advice and tips. Voluntourism can be life-changing! During my 25 years educational support to cameramen I became a photographer and webclip videoproducer in South-Africa and the “Horn of Africa”.  Meanwhile as volunteer I was producing videoproductions for and from other volunteer-workers showing their progression for old and new sponsors. Also supporting organizations and companies with free promoclips for their products.  And for pleasure also barterbased webclip promotion for hotels. NON-PROFIT? Well I never had so much profit in my life (..wellness in my mind)! See for yourself if voluntourism is something for you!  Please read these thoughts underneath and SKYPE me at: GLOBAL-DVC to get more detailed info. Perhaps we can go together next time? Ask yourself these questions:

1.    Do I want something completely different in my life to explore?

2.    Do I like to help others who need it so badly? Offering them my knowledge and see their way of living, their world & nature?

3.    Does my help solve their problems?

4.    Isn’t it better to just donate the money of my trip and stay at home this year?

5.    What is my answer if others say its selfish or even useless helping others in a 3rd world country, while in my home country also people are homeless.

6.    Can my conscious cope with the idea that I help others who have no income. Often have to live from just one meal a day, while as a rich tourist I pay and enjoy an expensive safari. Fly around in a balloon. Stay in an expensive Hotel?     

7.    What can I do to help people over there to market their handwork craft products?  

8.    What are my personal boundaries and comfort level?  Especially in reference to insects (mosquito’s snakes rats),  style of accommodations, transfer times and mode of transport, environment, religious feelings, climate. How long can I stay there? Weeks or months?

9.    How flexible am I ? Can I cope with unexpected things to happen during my visit? Voluntourism trips tend to generate "the unexpected," and they often lead to challenges that can defy logic or your own desire to accomplish something. Be aware that well-crafted and scripted itineraries can easily change unexpectedly. Understand that if you take greater risks with accommodations, transfers, extreme climate, intense interaction and engagement or service work, you have increased the potential for "the unexpected" to occur.

10. Willing to get all available health care protections and pills? Costs?

Like to find the answers but need some help?
Skype me at GLOBAL-DVC
Jan van der Meer